Friday, February 24, 2006

Foxy Lady: Happy Birthday!

This one I did for a friend's birthday. Could be used again for carnival and Easter! ;)

Foxy Lady: Lazy Afternoon

This one was printed as a self-promotional postcard to be shown at the book fairs in Leipzig, Bologna and Frankfurt where the IO (something like the German professional association for illustrators) is going to represent itself.
By now I wish I had chosen something else. I don't know, somehow I always like the piece best that I finished most recently... does anybody else feel the same way about his work?

Foxy Lady: Lazy Afternoon 2

Foxy Lady: Walking the Dog

Let me introduce you to Lady Fox. This is something I'm doing just for fun, don't know how to use it yet, maybe I'll print a tee, just outlines in foxy red... She's quite relaxed, loves having a catnap in the afternoon, but gets active at night. Don't know what she does for a living or how she manages to satisfy her luxurious desires. But don't call her a slacker! First of all, she's a lady... a Foxy Lady!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Illustration Friday: Simple

To avoid being late again, I told myself to keep it REAL simple this time. Anyway it took me more than one hour! ;)
The tune to this is "Little Birdie" from Ween (I think it's from their very first album) which I kept humming to myself over and over again and going nuts about it - anybody who knows this song knows why! ;)

Have a Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Illustration Friday: Chair

I'm late again! I wonder if ANYBODY feels like opening the 650th link? :/
This week's topic made me think of a game we used to play on Carnival when I was a child: musical chairs. I thought this idea was quite original although I came across some "musical chairs" while browsing through the previous entries... I just didn't get it - in German it's called "Reise nach Jerusalem" - so I kept wondering which kind of music chairs would make? ;)
So here's my version: only two players left, who's going to win?