Friday, September 19, 2008

Illustration Friday: Island

"This is my island, my fantasy ... "
Wonderful topic! It took me straight back to my childhood days when I was crazy about dinosaurs and volcanoes... and cutting stuff out of magazines! Haven't done a paper collage in years, so I gave it another try! :)


Anonymous said...

You need holidays! Your inner and subconscious wish of freedom and free space and a fullfilling time is reigning your work. Do it! Make it come true and enjoy holidays or at least a fucking relaxed day.

I like that nessy-eye spotting you before you might have detected it.

I guess, Nessy is guarding your holiday-dream.

(from Daniel, who you met in the TUD cafeteria)

Zoi said...

pretty pretty.
I love the papercuttings.
And thanks for the welcome ^-^