Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"Illustre Gestalten", an exhibition of illustrators in Darmstadt

Last year some illustrators from the region of Darmstadt started a regular meeting once a month (as it already exists in Frankfurt and many other German towns). Soon more and more illustrators joined the group, all of them very happy to quit their lone wolf's existence and to meet some colleagues!
This year in January we had this two-day-group-exhibition in which 17 illustrators participated, most of all to show the people of Darmstadt that such a thing as an illustrator exists! ;)
It was quite successful and all of us enjoyed it very much. It was my first exhibition and I didn't have much to show - most of it you've already seen in this blog - but to show your art in a public place is a great experience, I recommend that very much! ;)

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